Unique Gifts for First Time Parents


As a new parent (myself) and my partner an established parent, we’ve come up with some great unique gifts for first-time parents. Ideas that we would have liked and the gift/s that no one usually thinks about. You will find gift ideas for the new mothers, gift ideas for the new fathers, Gift Ideas that don’t cost money and gift ideas that come from the heart.

Read below and remember to comment on ideas to share with all of us about the gifts you received as first-time parents!



Gift Ideas for the new Mum

Can you imagine having something growing inside of you for nine months and the attention that you once had now has all turned to your belly and then after you give birth your friends and family don’t come to see you anymore but to come and see the new baby?

Well, that’s how most new mums feel, and continue to feel so as a person giving a gift to the mother it’s your job to make sure it’s a gift just for them not for the baby, not for the new family, but just for the New Mother.

In that regard, Give her something that will help her valve herself again, like a gift card to get hair or nails done, or better yet an afternoon at the day spa. If that’s not the idea you had in mind maybe you will lean towards something a little more personal, like some Personalized Jewellery.




Gift Ideas for the new Dad

I’ll tell you a little story, when my first child was born I had all these expectations that my friends or family members would take me out for a drink and a cigar to celebrate the milestone I’d just made it to and to share stories of how their kids were when they were born and the struggles and hilarious mistakes they made. Well, I didn’t get it from anybody, I was devastated, everyone wanted to buy something for the baby which already had everything he needed, but no-one thought of the new Dad. Now, this may not be on every new father’s mind but it’s worthwhile to create those memories in the moment.

You know what? The Dad just had a baby, so don’t worry about a gift, because he already has the best gift of all! Instead, take him aside and have a drink with him, or a cigar, or something else he may prefer. It is simple gestures like these that make moments rememberable.

Now if you want to make the moment special do it in style!

Buying him a drink? Do it in some quality Crystal Glass Cups!

If it’s a cigar then buy a nice Quality Cigar Set. A custom cutter and matching lighter!




Gift Ideas that don’t cost money

Keep it simple! You don’t have to go out there and spend lots of money on gifts. Sometimes the new parents just need a little help around the house. Maybe next time you go around to see the baby give them a hand with the day to day chores, these new parents are exhausted, and all they really want is to sit down and put their feet up, so do their folding or wash their dishes, put a load of washing on, take the dogs for a walk. Make sure you do it before you get the baby cuddles because that’s when it means the most, it shows you’re there for them as well as the new baby!housewife

All these ideas are simple but mean so much more than just a physical gift.

I’ll tell you as a new Dad, I could see my partner and myself being tired all the time and we just wanted time to ourselves once in a while but everyone in the family and our friends wanted to keep coming over to spend time with the new baby, we were feeling left out and not to mention already had a lot of chores to do. and as we kept allowing people to come around to see the baby we found ourselves getting overwhelmed trying to balance time for the baby, time for the typical house chores, time for ourselves and time for everyone else. But I must mention my Mother-in-law always helped us out every time she came around, whether she got cuddles or not. She knew how hard it was to juggle everything the first time, and she never had the help when she needed it, so off course she wanted better for her children and grandchildren!

Washing Machine



Simple Gifts from the Heart

If you’re a very busy person like most people and you don’t want to spend a lot of money then the best present of all would be a Beautiful card with a lovely quote welcoming the little boy/girl into the world and congratulating the parents on their achievement! You could make the card yourself or buy the card you like online, just make sure you add your personal touch when writing in the card because it’s usually that handwritten message that means the most. If you think you still need to add something else then how about some balloons or a little gift card to so the parents can go buy the essentials they like.

When my first was born we didn’t have a lot of money, and then my partner had to take time off which she couldn’t get paid leave so we had to convert our already tight budget into a single pay budget and because of this we didn’t have everything we needed straight away, thankfully most of the family just gave us gift cards and cash to spend on bub which freed us up a bit so we could buy each other birthday presents a month later. So even something as little as $20 in a card can mean the world to some parents!




With all that said…

It all comes down to the type of parents you’re buying for, are they struggling? Or do they have everything they need? make sure you go through all the possibilities before you purchase a gift for them so you can get them the right gift that means so much more then what it’s worth!

Make sure you leave a comment with your ideas and gifts you’ve been given in the past to help the next person out! <3

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Happy Shopping



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