How to Make Money at Home in 2019

Okay, I know what it’s like to be at work all day long and missing your kids all day, or you’re at home with the kids and you don’t have time for a job, well in this article I will show you 5 idea of how to make money from home. I will also tell you how to make money in 2019 and give you a few tips on these ideas. But remember the most important thing is; making money outside of a typical job takes time, energy and patience! Without either one of these and you will fail. on the note, let’s get started!

Use Your Creative Skills

Are you Creative, do you like using your hands and playing with arts and crafts? There is such a huge range of things you can create and sell at the markets or on the Facebook marketplace. Be-Creative

Paintings: If you’re good with a brush or a spray can you can create some basic paintings or even make a stencil and re-use it to create multiple paintings with ease, I’ve seen many different times of styles and you can sell these from anywhere between $20 and $80. Or if you’re really good and can spend more time you could be making upwards of $300 per painting!

Custom Design Cards: Custom design cards can be a bit more time consuming for the return but very rewarding when the buyers tell you what they will use them for. So with making cards and selling them, you need to keep in mind the cost to buy materials and the time it takes to make each card, because would you spend more than $10-$15 per card? for a more cost-effective way you might like playing around on photoshop or a program similar, I have bought cards made on photoshop and I must say I really like some of the designs, plus you can print out multiples easily!Art-Tools

Home decor: This is an interesting one because you can almost create anything that will look good on a wall, the trick is creating something you like or feel comfortable making as well as doing something that majority people will be interested in buying. Here are some ideas to get you started; hanging driftwood, a dream catcher, a hanging shell design, a hanging timber photo frame holder.

Have a Bake Sale

Baking! Who doesn’t like a crunchy cookiecupcakes or a smooth mud cake or those cheeky cupcakes? I know I love a yummy mud-cake muffin! So this is a great one for the kitchen crafty ones, and I can say that because I love cooking and experimenting in the kitchen. I mean its such a huge range of options, and there as always people looking for something yummy to eat when they are out and about.

Puff Pastry Scrolls: Yummy puff pastry scrolls you can use almost anything as a filler, like vegemite and cheese or if you have a sweet tooth maybe Nutella or maybe you’re a pizza lover so use some pizza sauce!

Muffins: Blueberry muffins, Red velvet cheesecake muffins, Vanilla muffins however you make them the best?

Home Baked Cakes: Are you good at decorating cakes? You can make them for kids birthday parties, or family or friends birthdays and get paid for it, not too expensive but a decent $30 – $50 per cake depending on how much decoration there is.

A Jar of Jam: Who loves a great jar of homemade jam? You can sell these at almost any market and their shelf life is fantastic they will last for months or even years when done right!  

Writing Reviews and Earn Money

There are many websites out there where you can write reviews and get paid for them whether it’s paid with a product, or services or money all you need to do is research and find the right website that suits you.

Here are a few sites to start with:


Octopus Group

What Do You Think

Make Videos and Post them on Youtube

Youtube logoI’m going to tell you a little story, I know of this couple from youtube that just wanted to travel the world in a sailboat, and explore all the little islands and coastlines the world has to offer, so they bought a boat with their life savings and started to follow their dream, of course travelling all the time you don’t have time for work and earn money to pay your way, Sailing around the world is expensive. So they started recording their lives on youtube and this website called Patreon, and people started following them, enjoying their videos and then donating on Patreon to help the couple fund their trip around the world and to keep making the videos. Sounds pretty simple right? Well if you have a camera, a computer and some basic video editing skills then this is the way to go!

After School Care from Home

Kids artSo, my partner had this great idea where she would offer to some of the mums at school that she likes to watch their kids in the afternoon after school so they can stay at work and not spend a fortune on afterschool care(upwards of $20per hour) mostly because we have a huge yard and the kids seem to like my partner even though she picks on them.

Growing Plants

succulentSo you think you have a green thumb? Or you just really like gardening. Well, why don’t you turn that hobby into a profitable side business? What you need to do is find out what people are looking to buy, some people want vegetable plants, but most seem to want flowers and vines.

You can start with the easy to grow plants like passion fruit vines and sell them before they grow too big, Lettuces from seed, Petunias from seed ( they are an easy to grow flower) or something similar, or if you’re looking for a long term idea maybe you can grow and graft citrus trees ion pots so your customers can move them from house to house.

There is an abundance of ideas out there! You must remember to check all your local laws to make sure you’re allowed to grow and sell plants. I know in my area we have an outbreak of electric ants and there are restrictions on moving pots and soil. so make sure you do your research! Start here with some seeds

Bonus; Affiliate Marketing

A little bonus for you is Affiliate marketing. Do you like writing blogs and you have heaps of information to share? Then this one is for you. For those of you who have never heard of it; Affiliate marketing is where you have a blog and you use a product that another company is selling, a product that suits your blog and have a link on your blog post to that product and you get a return if the customer came from your blog and uses your link to buy something. At no extra charge to that customer. So it’s a win-win!

I’d like to introduce you to wealthy affiliate, they are a community of people all working together to achieve personal success! I’ve been with them for a few months now and I have to say, out of all the affiliate programs I have tried this is the most practical and useful place to get to know affiliate marketing!

I know you want to learn more so I’ve left a link here so you can go check out Wealthy Affiliate for yourself!

And remember, leave a comment about your ideas so we can share with everyone and grow together!

Good Luck in Earning extra money!


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