First time Fathers day Gift Ideas

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So it is that time of the year again and father’s day is coming up, and with father day comes worry, importance and stress about buying the right gift, especially if this is a first time father’s day gift idea so, I’ve researched online, spoken with my friends and thought about what I would personally want and put together a small list of First time father’s day gift ideas so you can have some peace of mind and clarity on some great gift ideas.

Photos/Portraits with a quote

Thank you

The first and most common idea is a portrait of the Father and his son/daughter with a beautiful message beside it, now I’ve seen these in a hand made frame, bought online with a beautiful border or custom border with his interests like a football club or favorite race car or whatever his favourite sports team might be, or maybe even if it was a portrait of his first cuddle printed on a piece of timber made to look like a piece of driftwood it all depends on the type of person you’re buying for and what his interests include! I can tell you the first gift I ever received and absolutely love to this day is a photo of myself and the girls printed on a piece of timber with the quote “Not a step Dad, a Bonus Dad” as well as the year and their names included underneath. It’s simple and special, and he can put it anyway, like on the desk at work, or on the wall at home or even the bedside table where he can see it every morning and remember the best part of his life is his children! it’s like a little motivation to keep working hard so the kids can have a wonderful and fulfilling lifestyle.

Personalized Engraved Piece of Metal

Whisky set

This one is a bit of a broad idea, so I’ll start with something I received for my twenty-second birthday; okay so I just moved out and I had everything I needed except for some decent chef knifes “I’ve always wanted some chef knives because I love cooking and decent Japanese steel knives are a must-have!” now my best friend at the time knew this and she, of course, had the brilliant idea to go out and buy some 300$ knife set and get them all engraved with “…~GB~…” with the biggest one saying “Happy 22nd birthday dearest friend“. Now, this may not be in everyone budget but that’s okay because there are thousands of ideas you can get custom engraved like a key ring with the child and father’s name on it, a necklace pendant with a similar engraving. You could get a plaque made, I know some business’ will even print onto metal with a cool design where all the whites are the metal colour, some times I’ve seen a metal mug with the surrounding engraved that he can use for camping. Or if he’s a bit of a whiskey on the rocks type of man then how about a glass or a glass schooner or even a custom bottle or the whole set! All with some custom words or a cool little quote saying “Dad’s Quiet Time” or “Sleep Deprived Solution” or get a bit fancy with “My Father My Hero ~ since 2019″, you can put just about anything on a personalized item and with that freedom you’ve got so many choices to choose from!

Keep it Simple

English big breakfast

If you’re dealing with a dad that already has everything or you’re just searching for ideas to add to your already awesome gift, then why not add a couple simple things like breakfast in bed, or take him out for breakfast, that’s one thing I’ve always loved is waking up in the morning with lots of hugs and kisses and a beautiful smelling breakfast that fills you up and makes you happy. It’s that bacon, egg, hash brown, roasted tomato and some onion on the side with my favourite sauce (tomato and Worcestershire) that hits the spot for me. Some men will love pancakes cooked to fluffy perfection with a scoop of ice cream and a dose of maple syrup, or crunchy waffles with golden syrup and whipped cream, with a nice chilled orange juice or in my case a creamy coffee to start the day. If you’re not the best cook that’s okay there are a few take away shops open for breakfast that will deliver or offer it on Uber Eats (if you have them in your area) which will make your morning easier.

Give a Gift from the Heart!

Legendary Tshirt

Remember the most powerful gift you will ever give a father is his son or daughter and if you’re the Mother than this is really simple for you because he already has the most cherished gift of all and nothing will outdo that! But of course, you must give him something on his first special day! So… I think make something from the heart and something he can wear proudly over and over again right?! how about a Custom Designed T’shirt with a printed phrase like “1st Time Father” or maybe “#1 Dad of 2019” or “First time Father of 2019” or maybe one for him and one for his son/daughter “Our First Year Together” or something totally different like “Achievement Level Unlocked ~ Fatherhood“. Hmm, maybe something like “Papa Bear est. 2019” this is the fun part because there are so many variations you can use with words to suit any kind of man! here are a few more ideas for you; “We are the Best Father and Daughter” or “I/We Make Adorable Babies” and one more “Son’s First Hero ~ Daddy ~ Daughters first Love!“.

Okay I better give you a couple more ideas from the heart; there are places out there that will do cute little gifts that are made from the shape of his hand or foot and his son or daughter’s hand or foot to show the comparison of size between the father and child, a momentum to keep for years to come. Or better yet a simple Photo in a sweet frame of his first hold. “I know I know I mentioned that already but it’s the best idea out there!” πŸ˜‰

With All that Said…

Happy fathers day

Basically, you want him to remember the first father’s day he will ever have so it is important to consider all options and make sure you know what he likes. Those secret little things he has never told you he wanted but will help make him remember it forever, or those outrageous ideas that he will love and cherish for many years to come. But most importantly his first-ever son/daughter is his whole world right now so anything that revolves around them will be a winner for sure, and all the better when it is a gift that will last a lifetime, (no pressure). That’s why I’ve compiled this list for you, Let’s recap quickly, so we started with a photo of his first hold or a photo of his first child, than we have the idea of personalized engraving on almost anything metal and/or glass, than we thought keeping it simple might be a way to go with a nice breakfast in bed then we have a heartfelt idea with a stunning custom T’ shirt or Hoodie I might add, and lastly but certainly not the least of ideas is a casting of their hands or feet together. These are some great ideas but of course, there are so many out there we can not list them all in one go!

P.s. Please come back and tell us how your idea went if it was one you got from this post or even if it was one of your own and Let’s build this list into a discussion so we can share our ideas to make our first time Fathers have the best fathers day ever! If you don’t feel comfortable posting here or you just wish to ask me a question then feel free to send me a private email and I can post it as anonymous – –

Happy Gift Shopping!

4 thoughts on “First time Fathers day Gift Ideas

  1. Dovey Reply

    My husband has not been a first-time dad in over sixteen years now. I stumbled on your page looking for father’s day gift ideas. I have always been lost in the area of giving gifts on this holiday. You have some beautiful suggestions that would work not only with my husband but with my father.

    My head is swimming with loving personalized gifts I can give them. Thank you for giving me a place to begin. I love this blog, keep up the excellent work. My bother-in-law is about to be a first-time dad; I am going to send him over your link.

    Have a great day!

    • Graeme Blakey Post authorReply

      Hi Dovey,
      That was my goal to get you started on an idea that will grow into a fantastic personalised gift I’m glad you found this blog. I always found myself guessing what sort of gift to give my dad over the years, which is what caused me to write this ( not to mention I’m a new dad this year )
      Thank you for your visit and please come back soon πŸ˜€

  2. Tamika G Reply

    Hi there, I like these ideas. I like the image one with the first time with the baby as that’s really special and memorable. The breakfast idea is good and similar type of gifts. My dad falls into the category of being really hard to buy for so I’ve tried to focus on getting him very practical gifts and experiences that he will use. Your post has great ideas for brand new fathers as well as older ones, that’s good.

    • Graeme Blakey Post authorReply

      hi Tamika,
      And Thank you, I’ve noticed most dads are hard to buy for especially the ones that already have everything. I hope the page helped πŸ˜€

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